January 17, 2020

Them Cartoons!

Since I'm on the subject of shows I worked on, why not list 'em all here? This is my stupid blog that no one looks at, after all!

Ricky Sprocket, Showbiz Boy

Studio B, 2006.
I was a "board pull artist", it was my second gig but my first "real" one, you could say. I totally designed and built those floaty things in this image. Tough work! Image result for ricky sprocket



Studio B, 2007
I suffered badly on this one because I was such a beginner and still very new to computers. I worked as an animator. It could have been a blast because it's a fun and simple show. If I ever get that time machine I will fly it there and redo all my scenes and not lean so hard on the guy sitting next to me!
Image result for pucca


My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic

Image result for twilight sparkle crazy
Season 1 and 2
Studio B/DHX Media 2010-2012ish.
We never saw it coming...the massively huge freak show MLP would become. Bronies trying to sneak into the studio, being led around with guards at a convention, silly times! I'll never live it down,  it's my one claim to fame in the world.
This is where I started my long long long time as a layout artist. Much suffering happened here too, till I started to finally understand what the hell was going on with a cartoon production.


The Littlest Petshop

Studio B/DHX Media 2012-forever and ever

I feel like I worked on this forever and ever
Image result for littlest pet shop cartoon


Dr. Dimensionpants 

This one was my favorite show to work on! It's very silly.
DHX 2014?


Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show

DHX 2015
This was a rad cartoon but man, I was in way over my head.

Related image



I enjoyed this show a lot also. I like doing action, I think.
DHX 2015? Who knows...
Related image


Transformers, RescueBots
DHX Media 2016? 
I thought this one would be hell because the robot designs do not lend themselves to Flash animation well at all. But I was mistaken! It was not so bad. I enjoyed dealing with the overly complex builds.


Chuck's Choice
There was some stress, but it was a funny show.
Image result for chucks choice

That's a lot of pay cheques!

Chip and Potato

I worked as an animator and a builder for this show last year for DHX Media. It's cute and innocent! It was a gentle re-introduction to full Flash animation for me. The last time I worked as an animator was 2007 on Pucca. That's a while ago! Mostly I do layout/posing.

Image result for chip and potato

I did some of these scenes:

January 16, 2020

Life Drawing Toronto!

I decided to start going out of my way to find life drawing classes, since I live so rurally. So in October 2019 I spent a day in big ol' TO and actually found a class I could attend. It took place at The 519 community centre on Church St.
I only had a small sketchbook and used an H pencil. I rather enjoyed it.
I hope I get to draw dudes again one day....

Sharp Shinned Hawk Sketch

This poor hawk hit a window a split second after catching a pine siskin at a bird feeder. I decided to draw it alive.
I really shouldn't take photos of my drawings at night, I know!

Bodies in Motion

Bodies in Motion is a fabulous resource for artists. Zillions of  high resolution photos of athletes and dancers. Created by Scott Eaton, the bested anatomy teacher around. Check it oot!

I am amassing mountains of sketches from this, here's some early ones. Most are timed five minute sketches:

December 14, 2019

Styraccosaurus Bust

Styraccosaurus Head sculpted in Chavant medium with inadequate reference.
My first attempt at surface texture. Much to learn yet!

December 13, 2019

Halloween Skull Freak 2019!

My crazy skull mask. It was lots of frickin work! It turned out nothing like my original intention. I learned a tonne and feel frustrated that I don't get to do things like that every day.

Resin cast skull, burlap, panty hose to black out the eyes and nose, acrylic teeth for dentures, pig ribs, rusty nails dug up from my garden and turkey feet!
Who wouldn't want all that on their face?
The mask is surprisingly comfortable to wear.

For the arms I painted Burma Rubber co latex onto opera gloves and coloured with brown.

Shoulder armor made from leather with fake fur.

I think I did a pretty crappy job sculpting the skull, but once all the crap was glued on, it distracted from the inaccuracies.

Life Drawing in my own town!


Life Drawing in Vancouver

I did some life drawing at Basic Inquiry in Vancouver a few months back. I only had an H pencil and my 11"x14" sketchbook with me.  Bad photos taken in a dark room. Oh well if I don't get this done tonight I'll probably never do it.
Here's a few:


March 27, 2019

Youtube Lifedrawing...better than a kick in the head.

I stayed home and drew aaaaaaaalllllll day long. Can't remember the last time that happened. It culminated with this little life drawing that came out so easily. My anatomy understanding isn't quite as rusty as I thought. I haden't used my Cintiq for a long time either. Pretty enjoyable, though my back is tense as hell now.

Youtube life drawing, for desperate people isolated in the middle of nowhere. I copied from the video below, from a small image on a small screen.  The Russian method (constuction and observation)....oh that's for me! I wish I could go to the Repin Academy and really learn.

November 20, 2018

Box o' Moose

Made for a fundraiser for the Art Gallery of Golden. "The Anonymous Art Show", where artists made a small piece 9x9". They were all displayed together and priced the same, but with no names revealed until someone buys it. I'm told mine sold right away. 
I really like how it turned out, I hope to make another using a nicer box. Casting the antlers gave me lots of trouble!
Casteline, resin, bronze paint with patina, wood.

Here's the original (broken) Casteline sculpture next to a miscast and shoe-polished resin pieces.
I think I really like Casteline waxy clay.