December 28, 2008

Unimpressed fishy

Lovers Abyss

I lost this sketchbook in Lynn Valley right near the water spring. Shit. Blue papermate pens are my favorite thing to draw with. this one was really gooey.
jen regan

Breaking Attachments

Some wierd subconscious stuff that i managed to ooze onto paper. I'll ink this baby someday.

December 27, 2008


Strong coffee makes me draw weird shit! Kicking Horse coffee, 454 Horsepower flavor is my fave. Because i know you are so interested.

a bunch of, monsters, little people, toilet snakes....

Flash builds I was using to practice animation. I needed to get a new job after the old job went out of business.
These are clip art I made for that job that went out of business....

December 25, 2008

A buncha dragons

Like lots of kids, I like drawin' dragons. The gold one is part of an on-going painting disaster in progress. Update: I lost the file somehow. Shitballs! Ethereal computer stuff sucks!

December 24, 2008

bohemian waxwings

I did this as quick as i could for christmas cards. I pretty much copied this from some photos. As usual i'm really late getting started giving a shit about Christmas so i'll just make it a New Year's card. New Years is more fun anyway. How is this for scummy? I haven't even sent a card to anyone but i'm posting it on my blog!
Bohemian Waxwings are really abundant in Golden, BC in the winter. They fly around in big flocks that increase in size throughout the winter. They eat old ash tree berries. They come to my yard a lot. Lucky me!


Another doodle that actually went somewhere. If i'd known I was going to be drawing a minotaur, I would have made him more cow-like. He shouldn't have eyes on the front of his head I suppose. That's my greatest weakness when it comes to drawing. I find it hard to plan shit. Much of my work is nothing more than an accident. I'm a-working on improving that situation. Yup.
Poor naked sucker.....
Also, I want the internet to know that i really hate Xmas. Or Exessmas like my sister calls it. I'm trying to be grumpy but my everyone keeps doing nice things for me! Stop it already! Let me be a cermudgen. Cripes.

December 10, 2008


Some guy I made up.

Double fistin'

I drew this while sitting on a park bench on a sunny day in Vancouver. I was drinking reeeaaaallly strong coffee. A very nice day!

Pelecan Dragon

I was looking at a photo of a pelecan when i drew this thang.
jen regan

As Ponderous as a Submarine

The title is a line from a book I read. For the life of me I can't remember the title or what it was about. Anyone recognize it?
The text in the picture I took from a great article in the Republic of East Vancouver called "Rex Murphy is psychotic".
jen regan


A Murder of Crows


anybody wanna go on a date with me?

Vacant Scorpian Bitch

The title is a very mean thing a guy once called me

Abandoned House

Pencil drawing with Photoshop colouring. One of my very first.
jen regan

Uncontrolled Demolition

This is that feeling of "waking up". A lot of people experienced that in the first years after 9/11 stole everything we thought we knew.
Fat lot of good it's done us as I write this in 2016.