May 30, 2010

Mouldy Oldy

The original entry for this one was getting spammed big time. So I'll outsmart the robots and post'er up again. This is an early photoshop colouring excersise from 2006 or so. I remember it was pouring rain when I drew it.

New stuff coming soon. Who am I promising this to? Me!

May 8, 2010

Happy Roses in the Big Smoke! Tra la la!

People on Deviant Art seem to like my first minotaur but I've never been totally happy with it. I didn't look at any cow reference when I drew it. I don't like THIS one all that much either! But it's the only drawing I've done for a while now. I just moved back to the big city, Vangroovy BC to prevent my almost dead "career" from atrophying. It's going to be a good summer I hope. I certainly won't kick through any plate glass windows no siree!

I haven't unpacked my scanner yet so this is a lousy photo. Seemed like a good thing to do at 4 in the morning! Just got home from the Capilano...University grad show party thang. Good times!

Shit his hammer is warped. erg.