May 8, 2010

Happy Roses in the Big Smoke! Tra la la!

People on Deviant Art seem to like my first minotaur but I've never been totally happy with it. I didn't look at any cow reference when I drew it. I don't like THIS one all that much either! But it's the only drawing I've done for a while now. I just moved back to the big city, Vangroovy BC to prevent my almost dead "career" from atrophying. It's going to be a good summer I hope. I certainly won't kick through any plate glass windows no siree!

I haven't unpacked my scanner yet so this is a lousy photo. Seemed like a good thing to do at 4 in the morning! Just got home from the Capilano...University grad show party thang. Good times!

Shit his hammer is warped. erg.