December 9, 2012

Creepy Lady

This is my interpretaion of the creepy villan lady for Ian Bartolo's upcoming comic Brothers. Cool shit!

Robert Bateman copy

This is the first piece I did with the tablet PC I bought recently. I was in Ontairio at the time and saw some cardinals in my parents yard. I didn't finish the bushy background. Lazy me.
I've decided to stop being a snob and give ol' Robert Bateman a chance.

Drunk Shark still life

A still life for the TAD course from early 2011. An inspired arrangement to be sure. Booze n rubber sharks with potato and broad beans. An obvious relationship. The dark on was done by murky fish tank light. Duh.

Frank felt it needed rearranging...



My ol' woodstove. I miss my little cabin in Golden BC. It was a nice place to hang out after a day of skiing at Kicking Horse. We won't talk about the trucks driving by or the rail yard lights. --(Update 2015--I moved back to Golden and now I own this cabin! However this wood stove went to wood stove heaven).
This studenty-looking work was an assignment for an on-line painting class from The Art Department. Corel Painter X.

December 8, 2012

Sargent Copy

So like, I never posted much from that painting class I took in 2011 at TAD. I had to drop out near the end because I moved across BC to work on the Pony show. I blew up my life for the millionth time. Too bad, it was a pretty great course. It was online but live and taught by Jason Manly and Jon Foster.

This first assignment was to copy this John Singer Sargent painting. It's harder than you'd think!!  It was the first time I used Corel Painter too. It's a neat program, but clunky and glitchy. Tough to make digital look like real paint.
I have so many versions of this I have no idea if this was the final one or not. I can see so much wrong with it now too.

The Art Department

Rarity's Horrible Cat

This is Opalescence  from My Little Pony. She's a horrible sourpuss, and probably my favorite character on the show. I found this screenshot on line, it's a scene I posed out. I was a layout artist on season one and two at Studio B, now DHX. It's kinda like key animation, but you can call me a poser...which I sometimes feel like, given the sort of stuff I actually like to draw.