September 10, 2013

Desert Leather Face

Back from the Playa. My newest leather freakery. 1930s Wilson welding goggles are the best sunglasses I could have hoped for out there. My dust mask worked very well! Behind me is the Temple of Whollyness, a place that got under my skin. And too much sun got on my skin that day, whoooeeee!
If I remember right my evil friend's name is Miss Stitches. That's a fine outfit she made!
I made lots of other stupid costumes but there aren't any photos. Darn!

I made this dust mask to be functional for the Blackrock desert conditions. The white filter doesn't look great, but it worked well during dust storms. I could breathe well given the big holes. It's a prototype design, I hope to make better ones eventually.

This wrist guard features orange lillies and an antique jade bracelet.