September 4, 2016

Too Much Coffee Minka

It's funny to stumble across stuff in Google Images that I wasn't expecting. Some young guy or girl on Deviant Art who goes by Samvanuno made a GIF from a scene I am pretty sure I posed out for Littlest Pet Shop back about four years ago in Vancouver.  I work in the cartoon biz, you see. That's why I don't produce personal art very often.
This spazzy creature is Minka Mark, an obvious copy cat of Pinkie Pie, but not as appealing. I did enjoy working with her design though.

Minka's Air painting by Samvanuno

April 5, 2016

What do you call a man with no arms or legs who...?

Wow clay! Where have you been all my life? This study was done in Chavant medium. And study I did. I've let my anatomy understanding slide in the last few years, so this naked hunk was one of the more challenging arty things I have done in a long time. I have learned that it is easier to sculpt a ripped muscle-man body than a more realistic one. It's kind of like stereotyping.
16cm tall. I shall practice resin casting with this thing eventually.

Anyone who gives a hoot about learning proper anatomy (and you should!) might benefit from Scott Eaton's on line course. It rocks! I did it 5 or 6 years ago.

March 5, 2016

Rock n' Roll Gauntlets

The spikes are Apoxie clay, which is an epoxy putty. They are pretty heavy. The original spikes were glow in the dark Sculpey but of course they all broke after one night out. Too bad.
The rest is leather with colours I probably mixed myself.

March 4, 2016

Badass Cast Resin Mask

This is my very first attempt at resin casting. I just had to choose a really complicated subject! It's too expensive to mail order much for supplies, so I tried the bathroom caulking type of silicone for the mould. It required mixing it with white gas so all in all it was a pretty toxic process! But COOL!
The jaw opens and the hinge is cut from a corrugated plastic NDP election sign (they did not win!). It pulls closed by black spandex attached to head and jaw.
I won the Halloween costume contest at the bar!


Sculpting is heavenly. This guy is made with Form-it clay, but it's way too soft.  I didn't have any idea what it was going to look like when I started. After lots of pain I figured out to make the horns and teeth from baked Sculpey.

I followed the methods used in this three part tutorial from Stiltbeast Studios for making a silicone caulk mold. For the jaw and teeth I used the soapy water method. Youtube is pretty cool for learning how to do weird things!

March 3, 2016

Raku Statue

Caribou Costume

Soon goddamn it don't rush me!

Octophant Skull Bag

Second try at making bags. I have lots to learn but so far so good.

Vacant Scorpian Bitch

For some reason Blogger decided to re-post this ancient drawing. I've always liked it, so what the heck. 2007 I think. It was my second gig in the animation biz. I was doing board pulls at Studio B in Vancouver on Ricky Sprocket. I was having a blast drawing on a Cintiq for the first time.

Sunglasses case

This one took a long time to tool. 

Binoculars Case

My first try at a bag sort of thing. Kinda cool! Hooded merganzers are my favorite duck.
I'm a nerdy birdwatcher you see. For this one I used a milled hide, which is a softer flexible leather compared to what I make masks with.

Some masks I've done over the years

Wing Head Hat

Everybody does a Valkyrie crown eventually, so here's mine. I riveted the wings too close to the centre. Always learning am I.

Dark Mask

Leather mask made for a 2014 festival rave party thing called Motion Notion, located in the stunning Beaverfoot valley near Golden, BC.  I think it's made with 5 oz leather, which is too thin. It doesn't keep its shape as well as I would like. It's rather floppy.
Less than two years after making it, the purple stain is fading. The blue looked strange from the beginning. I'm not impressed with Eco Flo! --2018 Updated paint job!

It almost had horns.
Here's a nice little film about Motion Notion 2015, check out the scenery. I live here!