November 20, 2018

Box o' Moose

Made for a fundraiser for the Art Gallery of Golden. "The Anonymous Art Show", where artists made a small piece 9x9". They were all displayed together and priced the same, but with no names revealed until someone buys it. I'm told mine sold right away. 
I really like how it turned out, I hope to make another using a nicer box. Casting the antlers gave me lots of trouble!
Casteline, resin, bronze paint with patina, wood.

Here's the original (broken) Casteline sculpture next to a miscast and shoe-polished resin pieces.
I think I really like Casteline waxy clay.

Horse Drawing

Just a little horse drawing that was a thank you card for a stranger who took a chance on me. I inked it but forgot to make a copy. Ratso.
I don't draw much these days, sadly.

Repaint of an Old Favorite

This mask is a well used old favorite of mine. It's been worn to many events by a few different people. But the "Eco-flo" brand purple stain had faded to near brown, the blue looked awful from the start. I'm not impressed, Tandy! Recently I switched to Feibings brand dyes, I feel it is improving the quality of my work.
So here I used proper black Feibings dye, covering over the home-made sorta-black I made from Eco Flo dyes. But what makes it look really snazzy is Angelus Pearlescent leather paints. OoOoOooowee I like that stuff.
I sold this mask soon after!

Finished Torso Sculpture!

Cast in resin with a faux bronze finish with patina. 16 cm tall & filled with sand to give it some heft.

Mould making is really hard I am finding out! All kinds of disasters befell this guy so now he requires lots of sanding.

November 19, 2018

Raku Devil Mask

I sculpted this ridiculous thing in a hurry back in October. I hope to fire it soon at my friend Jane's place. She generously lets me play with her stuff!
I couldn't make ears look good so I just left them out. Deaf devil.