December 13, 2019

Halloween Skull Freak 2019!

My crazy skull mask. It was lots of frickin work! It turned out nothing like my original intention. I learned a tonne and feel frustrated that I don't get to do things like that every day.

Resin cast skull, burlap, panty hose to black out the eyes and nose, acrylic teeth for dentures, pig ribs, rusty nails dug up from my garden and turkey feet!
Who wouldn't want all that on their face?
The mask is surprisingly comfortable to wear.

For the arms I painted Burma Rubber co latex onto opera gloves and coloured with brown.

Shoulder armor made from leather with fake fur.

I think I did a pretty crappy job sculpting the skull, but once all the crap was glued on, it distracted from the inaccuracies.

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