June 30, 2020


The poor dead swallow was drawn from real life and is the first drawing using my 1970s Osmiroid fountain pen with copperplate nib. It's not quite the thing for water colour paper, sadly. I'm still on the search. But it is a nice drawing tool on the right paper.


Fountain pen and water colour. I like this one.

Carolina chickadee

It was one of my earliest attempts and I still like it more than a lot of the others. It's glued to a cradled panel, 6x6" I think.

More Water Colour Practice

The irises I painted today from real ones in my garden. Hard subject! Not a massive success but not bad for a first try. Mice with berries is a long time favorite theme of mine for whatever reason!

Learning Watercolour

It's haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard. Why am I torturing myself?!

All are small, many done in Etchr sketchbooks of various sizes.

The dry feel of the Kuretake Bimoji brush pen has set me on an endless journey in search of the perfect inking tools for water colour paper. Now I'm all obsessed with fountain pens! Just what a need, a new expensive collecting habit.